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Added: Jul 22nd, 2020
Monitored: 23 days
Our Invetment: $120.00
Return: 31%
Last Payout: Aug 7th, 2020
Min/Max: $10 / N/A
Referral: 4%-2%-2%-2% (from the attracted deposits over $100)
Withdrawal: Manual
Inv. Plans:8.75% weekly for 4 weeks; 0.8% - 0.98% daily on business days for 1 month; 1.16% - 1.7% daily on business days for 3 months; 52.70% - 62.00% monthly for 3 months;
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MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. provides primary funding for start-ups and strategic funding for functioning companies. Primary financing is the earliest stage of venture financing, it is primary encourage investments. Strategic financing has a systematic approach and tactical planning, is based on organizational goals and obstacles to achieving them. It is a set of solutions aimed at providing key needs of the company for development and growth. We not only provide financing, but also provide effective consulting services, and observe the implementation of funds received by companies and start-ups. Employees of MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. are first-class specialists with great experience and full understanding of their sphere of activity.

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