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Paid Sticky
Added: Jul 31st, 2012
Monitored: 2577 days
Our Invetment: $100.00
Return: 655% in profit
Last Payout: Aug 21st, 2019
Min/Max: $15 / unlimited
Referral: 6.67-66.67%%
Withdrawal: Automatic
Inv. Plans:6.67%
Payment processors:  
Features: 3star LR SSL DDOS ScriptHZ
Full Details
* Admin HYIPs-Analysis is admin of the this program * Newly lunch * One-Time Entry Cost $15 * No monthly fees * Infinite operating time * The database of the users is independently and can not be stolen * 3x10 Forced matrix * Receive $1 for referral (up to the tenth level) * Also randomizer - 1-5 payments $1 to randomly selected users at each new purchasing * Only PerfectMoney accepted

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