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Added: Aug 13th, 2014
Monitored: 1256 days
Our Invetment: $50.00
Return: 19%
Last Payout: Sep 7th, 2014
Min/Max: 10 / 100000
Referral: 2
Withdrawal: Instant
Inv. Plans:128% After 1 Day , 200% After 3 Days, 350% After 7 Days
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Button is the official website for CONIX INTERNATIONAL (U.K.) CO. LIMITED, a worldwide investment company and top wholesale Merchant that offers investment services to private and corporate investors both offline and online. CONIX INTERNATIONAL (U.K.) CO. LIMITED. is a registered and licensed company in the United Kingdom under number : CR# 03407105. CONIX INTERNATIONAL (U.K.) CO. LIMITED is dually registered with the following address 27 HIGH STREET CROYDON SURREY CR0 1QB. We trade on stock and Forex and have been managing Investors fund for over 16 Years. We guarantee our investor the best return on investment because we are at the top niche of the Best Forex traders. We plan on lunching our Forex brokerage platform in which individuals can be able to invest through their cabinet client. The success of our members is our priority that???s why we capitalize that is the Best Place to invest and earn.

RCB Rates

Deposit % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
$1 $10 1.00% 1800% $0.00 300% $0.00
$11 $20 1.00% 1500% $0.00 300% $0.00
$21 $50 1.00% 1000% $0.00 300% $0.00
$51 $100 1.00% 700% $0.00 300% $0.00
$101 $200 1.00% 600% $0.00 300% $0.00
$201 $500 1.00% 500% $0.00 300% $0.00
$501 $1000 1.00% 400% $0.00 300% $0.00
$1001 $10000 1.00% 300% $0.00 300% $0.00

Referral Commission Back

You can signup and login into our site to track your refbacks and receive additional 25.00% RCB

Important - Read the rules before submit the form!


You must be our referral to request Referral Commission Back (RCB)
For Bitcoin, Litecoin and others cryptocurrensy you need convert to USD when you submit the RCB.
For Bitcoin, Litecoin and others cryptocurrensy we will pay minus the transfer fee
If you don't agree with this, please do not use our service.

*You can't deposit with one payment processor and request RCB from another (or contact with support for consultation)

*RCB must be ordered within 24 hours after deposit. Referral Commission from older deposits will not be returned.

*Do NOT submit RCB request if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.
*We pay RCB only if we got the Commission Paid from project.
*Please request RCB only if your deposit is active.
*The RCB payment will be processed within 1-48 hours after confirmed.

*Multiple IDs are not allowed, please refrain from abusing the system.
*RCB requests via socks, proxy, anonymizing services, black list IP from Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India ect...are not allowed.
*Cellular Connection Type and fake contact emails are not allowed.

*RCB for HYIP monitors, HYIP blogs and other HYIP related sites is 100%.

*If your RCB request had been deleted, it means that you are not our referral or you broke the rules of RCB.
*If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
*We highly recommend you do not spend what you can not afford to lose.

*We also recommend that you read our news, learn about promotions for referrals (bonuses for registered users, bonuses for post on the forums, compensation program, bonuses for investors with large deposits, etc.)

The administration of wishes you a lucrative investment and a good mood!
Sincerely yours,
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